Oh Aaron…you make me want to dance!

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My latest fascination…a 1959 Chevy Biscayne with a 427. I want to drive a car that can help start conversations with my fellow man. I think this one will do the job.

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So many unique parts all working together. Fascinating…

So many unique parts all working together. Fascinating…

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Dani and pow are friends…

Dani and pow are friends…

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"Guy travels the world and shoots one second of footage in each location."

Step 1 - Get your passport renewed…

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Loud Harp | You Found Me (Live at St. Ida’s Porch Sessions)

You’re a good Father
This is a good home
Right in the palm of your hands
You’re not letting go

hittin all the feels. 

Asher and Dave are men of a different spirit. Lovely and strong.

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